Open Actions Report

The Open Actions Report offers a comprehensive overview of open actions within your workspaces for easy reference. Leverage this report to gain visibility into overdue actions within specific processes, or keep track of actions that have been open for an unusually prolonged period.

How to Access the Open Actions Report

To access the open actions report:

  1. Click on Tools, from the top navigation bar.

  2. Click on Open Actions in the rightmost section under the Reports tab.

Components of the Report


The Open Actions report displays all open actions across your workspaces and contains seven columns with the following details:

  1. Action Name - This column shows the name of the open action. This is the name entered when creating the action.
  2. Workspace Name - This column displays the name of the workspace where the open action is.
  3. Status - This column shows the current status of the action. For instance, when an action has no set due date, it will be labeled as 'Open'. If an action has a specific due date, but that date has not yet arrived, it will be labeled as 'Due in # of days'. And, finally, any action with a due date that has already passed will be labeled as 'Overdue'.
  4. Assignee - This column lists the user to whom the open action is assigned to.
  5. Due Date - This column shows the due date set for the specified action.
  6. Created By - This column displays the user who created the action.
  7. Duration - This column shows the time elapsed between when the action was created and now.

Filter & Search

Easily filter and view actions based on current status, such as Open, Overdue, or Due Today, as shown below.

Use the search bar to find a specific action using the action name.

Admin View

Admin users can click Admin View to see a comprehensive status overview of all open actions in your portal across all users. Admins can also select a specific user to view only their open actions.

The Admin View is only available to admins in your portal.