Open Workspaces Report

The Open Workspaces report provides a comprehensive status overview of all open workspaces you are a part of - including each workspace’s duration, current action, and last activity. 

Utilize this report to get insights into your business processes and operational efficiency. For instance, easily view workspaces that have remained inactive for an extended duration or identify the assignee responsible for pending actions in open workspaces.

Access the Open Workspaces Report

To access the Open Workspaces report:

  1. Click on Tools, from the top navigation bar.

  2. Click on Open Workspaces in the rightmost section under the Reports tab.

Components of the Report


The Open Workspace report displays all your open workspaces and contains seven columns with the following details: 

  1. Workspace Name - The column lists the name of the open workspace. 
  2. Current Action - This column shows the current action that needs to be completed in the workspace to move forward. If the Flow actions in the workspace do not need to be completed in order, you'll be able to see the total number of pending actions in the workspace, along with a note saying 'Parallel Steps'. (If a workspace does not have any actions, it will not appear in the dashboard.)
  3. Assignee - This column displays the name of the user who needs to complete the current pending action.
  4. Created By - This column shows the user that created the workspace.
  5. Template - If a template was used to create the workspace, the template name will appear here. If the workspace is non-templated, it will be blank.
  6. Duration - This column displays the time elapsed between when the workspace was created and the current time.
  7. Last Activity - This column shows the time elapsed between when the last activity (creation of an action, completing an action, or sending a message) took place in the workspace and now.

Filter & Search

Select a template to view only the open workspace for a particular template. 

Use the search bar to find a specific workspace using the workspace name.

Admin View

Admin users can click Admin View to see a comprehensive status overview of all open workspaces in their portal, including workspaces they are not a part of. Admins can also select a specific user to view only the workspaces that the selected user is a part of.

The Admin View is only available to admins in your portal.