Inviting Internal Users from the Admin Portal

Admins can invite Internal Users to join your portal, from the Admin portal. To invite a new Internal User to join: 

  1. Click the Internal Users tab on the left side menu in the Admin portal. 
  2. Click Invite in the top right hand side of the Internal Users page. A pop up will appear on the right. 
  3. You can either copy the invite link to share, or send an invitation via email by filling out the name and email address of the individual you would like to invite. 
  4. Open Advanced Options to give the Internal User admin permissions, or to assign them Clients. You can always assign Clients to an Internal User later too.
  5. Click Invite to proceed. 

Inviting Internal Users from the Admin Portal.png

You can always use the Import option to bulk invite users to the portal by uploading a CSV file. You can download a sample CSV template to view a sample format of the CSV file. You can also refer to any previous import activity by clicking on  View Import Activity.