What's Inside the Admin Portal

The admin portal is the hub for Administrators, otherwise known as Admin users, to manage users and access advanced settings related to your portal.

To access the Admin portal:

  1. Click Admin in the top tool bar. 
  2. A new window will automatically open taking you into the Admin portal.

Only Admin users will be able to see the Admin option in the drop down.

Inside the Admin portal, you will see a variety of tabs on the left - Internal Users, Clients, Teams, Client Groups, Branding, Connectors, Customize Email Domain, Single Sign On, Advanced Features, and Permissions.



Managing Users

You can use the Internal Users and Clients tabs to access user management features, such as inviting, deleting, transferring work, and editing user profiles. Leverage the Teams tab to create and manage teams across your organization, and the Client Groups tab to setup client groups for your customer accounts. 



The Branding section of the admin portal offers various branding options for your portal, including customizing your portal's name, logo, brand color, default workspace cover image and more. 

If you've purchased the Portal package, you will be able to customize your Client Dashboard branding here as well.


Use the Connectors tab to setup and manage data sync connections with other systems, like a CRM system.



The Permissions section enables admins to manage which users can access advanced features, such as Reports, Audit, and Content Library.