Log in on the Desktop Application

Download the Moxo Desktop application on your computer to access your portal, receive instant notifications, and take action anytime. All users will need to be invited to the portal to be able to access the Desktop application.

Download the Mobile and Desktop application from your Home tab. Scroll down and click Download App.

Login to the Desktop App

You can login to the desktop app in three ways. Enter your Portal URL, and you will see three ways to log in.

To login with Google or Apple:

  1. Select Continue with Google or Continue with Apple to be redirected to their authentication journey.
  2. Select the Google or Apple account associated with your account.
  3. Enter your password or security key setup with your account. 

To login with your Portal URL:

  1. Click Other SSO.
  2. Enter the URL of the portal - specifically all characters prior to '.moxo.com'.
  3. Then click Continue.
  4. Enter your user credentials. 
  5. Then click Log In.

If you do not know your Portal URL, you can click Find your portal at the bottom. 


To login with a magic code:

  1. Enter the email address that is registered to your Moxo account, then click Continue.
  2. Enter the verification code received in your inbox.

To login with a password:

  1. Select log in manually instead at the bottom.

  2. Enter your portal URL, and click Continue.
  3. Enter your email address and password, continue with Google or Apple, or use your phone number instead. Alternatively, select Continue with a Magic Code.
  4. Then click Log In.

If your email address is associated with multiple portals, you will have the option to select which portal to log into after entering your verification code.