Getting Started With Moxo

Welcome to Moxo! We’re excited to transform how you manage your customer, vendor, and partner projects - with maximum efficiency and seamless interaction. Get ready to streamline your client business processes!

This article will guide you through the basics to help you get started quickly, including:

  • Setting up your portal
  • Using Moxo workspaces for external projects
  • Building workflow templates for repeatable processes

Customize Your Portal

You’ve signed up and created a Moxo portal. What’s next?

First, customize your portal to match your brand colors and logo by setting up your branding.

Next, finish setting up your own profile by updating your avatar and job description

Create Workspaces

Workspaces are the core of Moxo, blending powerful workflow automation with seamless collaboration and interaction. Whether it's with clients, vendors, partners, and/or team members, create workspaces tailored to specific projects or processes. You can create workspaces from scratch, build your own workspace template, or customize a pre-built template from our template gallery.

To create a new workspace from scratch:

  1. Click on +New in the top right of your portal. 
  2. Select New Workspace.
  3. Then click Blank Workspace.

To build or use a template:

If you have a repeatable process or don’t want to start from scratch, visit Templates in your top navigation bar. You can build and use one of your own templates, or start with a template from our template gallery. Explore 50+ ready-made templates across a variety of industries and departments to help you get started. 

You can also setup a new workspace with roles, without assigning users to the roles. 

To start a new workspace before adding users to the role:

  1. Click on +New in the top right of your portal. 
  2. Select Blank Workspace.
  3. Enter workspace details, like the workspace name, workspace description. Add roles, such as a client or account manager. These roles will be placeholders until assignees are added to the workspace. 

    Getting started with Moxo-1 (1).png

  4. Click Start Workspace.
  5. Add a title, description, and any additional required details. You can select the Uploader and Reviewer using the roles created, without assigning users to the roles.

    Getting started with Moxo-4.png

To assign an existing role and it's associated actions to a user: 

  1. Click on the User Role icons on the top right of the Flow section. 
    Getting started with Moxo-3.png
  2. Click on the Invite button for each role created, then add an email or phone number of the user you wish to assign to each role.

    Getting started with Moxo-5.png
    Getting started with Moxo-2.png

  3. Next, click Invite New Client or Invite New Internal User to complete assigning the role and it's associated actions.


Invite Users

Now that you’ve set up a workspace, invite users into the workspace that need to participate in this process or project. 

You can add both clients and internal users. Clients will receive an invite to join & access the workspace they are invited to. 

To invite users:

  1. Click Invite inside a workspace.
  2. Invite Internal users or Clients using their email address or phone number.

Alternatively, you can copy the Workspace Link and share the unique workspace invitation URL on whatever channel you prefer. 

Clients users can be anyone external to your organization, including vendors or partners. Read more about your client's experience in Moxo.

Use Flow & Actions

Flow is the heart of your workspace. Flow guides users through a process, nudging them to take action and driving client projects to successful completion. Add and assign actions in the flow to collect documents, complete tasks, gather signatures and more. Users will be notified (via email or app) when it is their turn to act.  

Start Interacting

Looking to support your clients, offer guidance, or engage in discussions? With Moxo workspaces, you get a dedicated interaction panel to interact seamlessly within the project or process. Send messages, share documents, and initiate video meetings - all in one place. No more sifting through emails or making phone calls. Drive client workflows with Moxo!

Build Workflow Templates

Unlock the full power of Moxo with workspace templates, using our drag-and-drop builder to create workflows and automate your process. Workflows can include actions such as forms, file requests, e-signatures, to-dos and more. 

Manage With Reports

Manage your workspaces and measure your process efficiency with reports

All internal users can view and manage their open workspaces. Admins get oversight across their team or all portal users. Track key KPIs, such as completion rates. 

How Moxo’s Organized

Workspaces, Templates, and Actions are the most fundamental concepts in Moxo.

  1. Portals: Create a portal for your team or organization. This is what you create when you first sign up. 
  2. Workspaces: Inside a portal, create workspaces to work with others on a project or process - e.g. onboarding a client or delivering a service. 
  3. Templates: Templates make it easy to manage multi-step, repeatable processes inside a workspace. You can easily drag and drop actions to create an automated workflow. 
  4. Actions: Create actions inside a workspace or a template for the different steps required to complete your process - e.g. collecting a document or requesting an approval.
  5. Users: Invite external users or internal users to be members inside workspaces. Learn more about user types and what external users see.


Download the Mobile App

Download the Moxo mobile app to receive instant notifications and take action across all your devices.