Your Client's Experience

This article will guide you through the basics of a client user’s experience in Moxo. 

Who are Client Users

Clients are users outside your organization, who only have access to the workspaces they are invited into.  

Types of client users can include:

  • Partners
  • Customers
  • External vendors
  • Consultants
  • Franchises 

What do Client Users See

When you invite a client to a workspace, they will receive an email invitation that contains a magic link to join the workspace. 

Once they join, clients will be able to see all activity in the workspace, including:

  • Flow & Actions - where they can see all the steps that need to be completed in this workspace, including those assigned to them. 
  • Interaction Panel - where they can reach out anytime for assistance.

Clients will not be able to:

  • Invite other users to Moxo
  • Start new workspaces
  • Add new actions to workspaces

Clients are not required to create a password unless you choose to enforce one. Clients also have the option to sign up and log in in order to view all the workspaces they have been invited into in a single portal. 

Notifications & Reminders for Clients

Clients will receive notifications and reminders for any actions that are assigned to them or new activity in the workspaces you have added them to.

Clients will receive an email notification when a new action has been assigned to them, as well as an email reminder on the date the assigned action is due. 

Clients will also receive an email notification when they have been ‘@ mentioned’ in the workspace chat. 

Client Sign Up Experience

By default, clients do not need to set up a password in order to access Moxo. When you invite a client into a workspace, they will receive an email invitation with a unique magic link to join.

Optionally, clients can sign up to create an account and log into your portal to see all the workspaces they have been invited into. 

The option to require a password for clients, set up two factor authentication for clients, or set a magic link expiration time are also available based on your Moxo package.