Your Home Page

This article will provide an overview of all the different sections you will see from the Home page in your Moxo portal.

Navigation Bar 

The navigation bar is located at the top of all main pages inside of your Moxo portal. On the left side is your organization’s logo or branding, or the name of your Moxo portal. In the middle, there are tabs for Home, Workspaces, Templates, and Tools. On the right side, there is the search bar, the + New button, and your user profile. 

Home Tab

The Home tab will take you directly to the Moxo Home Page. This page provides a comprehensive overview of all activities taking place in your portal. 

Workspaces Tab

The workspaces tab will take you to the workspaces timeline where you can interact in all of your open workspaces. 

Templates Tab

The templates tab will take you to the My Templates section inside of the templates page where you can view all of your saved workspace templates. There, you can also find the Template Gallery, with ready-made templates covering a range of client processes across industries.


Hover over the Tools tab to view the drop down menu. This menu gives you quick access to all of the tools available inside of your Moxo portal. 

The Tools tab is categorized into four sections:

  1. Content Library - Create reusable action templates or store commonly used files.
  2. Productivity - View your calendar, start a new meeting, or schedule a new meeting. 
  3. Contacts - View your list of clients or other internal users in your portal.  
  4. Reports - Access management reports for workspaces, actions, clients, internal users, and portal usage. 


Click on the search button to open up the global search bar. Here you can search for messages, files, workspaces, and more across your entire portal. Filter your search by date range, workspace, or user. 

+ New Button

Hover over the +New button to create a new workspace in your portal, create new actions in a new or existing workspace, or invite new clients

Profile Icon

To view your profile, simply hover over the profile icon. This icon will show either your initials or your profile image, if you have set one. When hovering over the icon, you will see a dropdown menu with four options:

  1. A button with your name and status - which links to your profile page
  2. An option to invite new internal users (only available to admins)
  3. A link to the admin portal (only available to admins)
  4. Logout button

Your Portal Button

By clicking on the name of your portal, you will see a drop down menu that shows the portal you’re currently in (highlighted by a check), as well as any other portals you may be signed into.  

Below that you have options to either sign into another portal, or create a new portal. 



The Workspaces box displays a brief overview of your open workspaces, organized by the type workflow template used. The number next to each workflow template represents the number of open workspaces currently utilizing that template. 

By clicking on Workspaces or See All, you can view all of your open workspaces grouped by template. 

By clicking on an individual workflow template, you will view all of the workspaces using that specific template. 

My Actions

The My Actions box displays a brief overview of the actions assigned to you. It shows you the number of overdue actions, actions due today, and total number of open actions. 

By clicking on My Actions you will be taken to the Open Actions page where you can view all of the pending actions assigned to you. 

By clicking on either actions overdue, actions due today, or total open actions, you will be taken to the respective section inside of the Open Actions page. 


The Calendar box displays a brief overview of what’s coming up on your calendar. It shows you the number of upcoming meetings today, as well as the number of upcoming meetings this week. 

By clicking on Calendar, you will be taken to your calendar. 

By clicking on upcoming meetings today, you will be taken to today’s date on your calendar.

By clicking on upcoming meetings this week, you will be taken to the date of your closest upcoming meeting on your calendar.  

User Reports

User Reports.png

The User Reports box displays a brief overview of the number of active client and internal users you have in your portal. 

By clicking on User Reports or active clients, you will be taken to the Clients Report page. 

By clicking on active internal users, you will be taken to the Internal Users Report page. 

Template Gallery

The template gallery offers a selection of ready-made workflow templates, thoughtfully designed by Moxo, catering to diverse business processes spanning across multiple industries and departments.

Explore a variety of templates, effortlessly creating, assigning, and customizing new workflows from each template.

Click View All in the top right corner of the template gallery section to go to the template gallery page.