Brand Your Portal

Moxo offers a few branding options to personalize your portal and make it uniquely yours. Tailoring your portal's branding enhances your user’s experience but also reinforces your organization's brand presence across all interactions.

Branding can be added or changed from the Admin portal. Only Administrators - internal users with special Admin permissions - can access the Admin portal. To access the Branding page inside the Admin portal: 

  1. Click Branding from the menu of options, and the Branding page will open.
  2. Inside the Branding page, you can customize your Portal Name, Brand Color, Logo, and Default Workspace Cover Image. 

When customizing, you can also preview a sample workspace on the right side, reflecting the branding choices you make. This provides a preview of your branding appearance without having to save the selections you make.

  1. Click Save Changes to apply any branding selections or changes made.


Branding Options

There are multiple branding options available to you to customize your portal. 


Portal Name

Elevate your brand visibility with a customized portal name displayed on the top header bar across multiple pages of your portal. This ensures that both internal and client users are consistently viewing your brand.



Brand Color

This enables you to apply a custom brand color throughout our application, ensuring that your portal is consistent with your brand identity. Your chosen brand color will be applied to buttons, input box outlines, and the hover effect in a few menus across your portal.




Your logo can be showcased in the top header bar across multiple pages of your portal, ensuring your brand is visible to both internal and client users.



Default Workspace Cover Image

Upload a default custom cover image, which will be applied by default to all new workspaces created in your portal. Workspace owners will always have the option to modify this cover image at the time of creation, or at a later stage.