Internal and Client User App Experience

Similar to the web portal, the Moxo mobile app also provides different experiences for internal users and client users.

The internal user view provides similar capabilities to the web portal for your internal team to create and manage their Moxo workspaces. 

The client view offers a streamlined experience for external stakeholders to take action and interact with your business in the workspaces they have been invited to. 

Internal User View Inside the Mobile App

Internal user view inside the mobile app.png


  • Upon logging in, the Home tab displays a list of your open workspaces. Select a workspace from the timeline to open that workspace. Use the filter bar to search for and find a specific workspace on your timeline. 


  • The Clients tab is where you will find a list of clients that are in your contacts. 

+ Button

  • The blue ‘+’ icon in the middle is where you can create a new workspace or invite a new client. 


  • The Calendar tab is where you will see any scheduled meetings, along with the option to start or schedule a new meeting. 


  • The Account tab is where you will find your account settings, including the ability to set an out-of-office status, configure notification settings, and more.

Workspace templates can only be built from the web portal.

Client User View Inside the Mobile App

Client user view inside the mobile app.png

Workspace Home 

  • Clients will immediately see their most recent workspace when they log into the mobile app. They can find additional workspaces that they are a part of by clicking the navigation on the top left. 


  • Clients can use the Chat section to exchange messages and interact with you in the workspace. Clients will also receive a push notification for any new unread messages in their workspaces. 


  • Clients can use the Documents tab to find all documents that have been shared inside the workspace.


  • Clients can use the Meetings tab to find any scheduled meetings or start a new meeting from the workspace. 

Menu Items 

  • On the top left corner, clients will find a three line icon. Clicking on this icon will show them all the workspaces that they are a part of.