Client Portal In-App Experience

The Moxo mobile app offers a detailed and personalized client dashboard, allowing clients to easily navigate their portal. As a part of the portal package, This article will guide you through the layout a client and features of each module within the client portal.


Your Team

In the Your Team section, clients have a direct channel to connect with their support team. This module displaces the profile of the assigned support team members, enabling clients to reach out in 1:1 workspaces in case of any queries or issues. This ensures clients are supported and connected to their dedicated team, particularly in cases where individual relationship managers support individual clients.


Your Flows

The Your Flow section displays all the processes the client is a part of. This module is designed to streamline driving processes to completion with efficient project management, and clear destination to take action in each process. Client can easily track the progress of their projects, take action, and stay updated on the status of ongoing workflows, ensuring transparency and effective collaboration. 



Quicklinks provide clients with easy access to external landing pages and frequently used links. This feature places essential resources at their fingertips, enhancing convenience and ensuring that client can quickly navigate to important external sites - without leaving the portal.


Get Support

In the Get Support section, clients have the option to start a live chat with agents. This real-time support feature enables clients to connect instantly with support representatives, addressing their questions and concerns promptly and effectively. 



The Requests module enables clients to submit detailed Service Requests and file support tickets. This feature ensures that clients can formally log requests for a new services or report issues, which are then tracked and managed by support teams. It improves communication and ensures timely resolution of client needs. 


Groups & Topics

The Groups & Topics section displays group workspaces created for collaboration with multiple team members and clients. This module is designed to enhance teamwork and discussion among clients, as well as their respective teams. It enables seamless communication and collaboration particularly for ongoing processes or management of client accounts. 

By providing these features in a structured and accessible manner, the Moxo mobile app ensures that clients have a comprehensive and personalized dashboard to interaction across processes and get support.

  • Live Chat and Get Support, or Service Requests, are Advanced features that will be enabled if they are a part of your Moxo plan. 
  • Group Workspaces shown under the Groups & Topics section is part of the Portal Package, or may need to be purchased as an add-on. 

You can speak to a Moxo representative if you wish to purchase these as add-ons.