Using Filters and Finding Workspaces

Workspace Timeline

When a user clicks Home in the top navigation bar, all workspaces you are a part of will appear below on the left side of your portal. Workspaces will be listed by most recent activity. Any unread messages or actions will show a red box with a number listed next to the Workspace name. 


Timeline Search Bar

The timeline search bar is located above your workspaces. This search bar enables users to search by workspace name or specific members in a workspace.


Timeline Filters

Adjusting the timeline filters will enable users to see workspaces based on specific conditions. For example, use filters to see only workspaces by member type, by workspace type, by grouping, or workspaces with unread messages. 



Click unread to see workspaces with any unread messages, or active workspace notifications. 

Group by

Filters your workspaces by specific groups in your timeline. By default, your timeline will show no grouping, displaying all active workspaces you are a part of. 



Filter by workspace owner to see workspaces each specific internal user owns. 



Filter active workspaces by client user. 


Client Groups

Filter active workspaces by company name.


Flow Template

Use this filter to display active workspaces based on the Workspace Template used to create each workspace. 


Member Type

Display active workspaces containing the selected member type - either an Internal User or Client User. 


Workspace Type

Filter active workspaces by type of workspace - a Flow Workspace, a Group Workspace, or a 1:1 Workspace. 

  • Flow Workspace
    • Workspace(s) will display only Flow workspaces
  • 1:1 Workspace
    • Workspace(s) containing yourself and one other user
  • Group Workspace
    • Workspace(s) containing multiple users, but is not a Flow