Intro to Meetings

Moxo offers a comprehensive multi-party video conferencing solution, right from within your portal - Moxo Meetings. These versatile virtual meetings can be used for a variety of purposes, from client consultations and team huddles, to project briefings, process check points, and decision-making discussions. 

Each meeting has a meeting host and one or more participants. The host, usually the organizer, is responsible for scheduling, initiating, and managing the meeting details. Participants, whether they are team members, clients, or external stakeholders, are invited to engage in the meeting.

When a meeting is scheduled or started immediately through the Moxo portal, a unique Meeting URL is generated, ensuring privacy and easy access for all participants. Invitees will see the meeting invite pop up inside their portal timeline, and have the option to accept or reject it. Invitees will also receive an invitation containing the meeting URL via email. 

During the meeting, hosts and participants can turn their video on and off, join audio or mute, share their screen, share files, use virtual whiteboards, and use the meeting chat.

Depending on your portal's organizational permissions, participants may have screen sharing, file sharing, and whiteboard capabilities disabled. In such cases, hosts can designate a participant as a presenter, granting them the ability to share their screen, files, and whiteboards.

Administrators, otherwise known as admins, have the ability to delete meetings scheduled for a particular user as well. Deleting the meetings of the user will remove the user from any meetings they are participating, and delete the meetings the user is the host of.