In Meeting Options

Inside a Moxo meeting, you have a variety of powerful features designed to enhance communication and collaboration. Moxo meetings provide a comprehensive suite of tools for product virtual interactions:


Invite - Easily add more participants to your meeting. You can invite individuals by their name (if they are already a part of the portal), name, or phone number. 


Share Screen
- Seamlessly share your screen during a meeting to present documents, web content, files, or other content on your device for collaborative viewing. You can select a particular tab, a window, or the entire screen to share. Click Stop Sharing to end the screen share.

Seamlessly share your screen during the meeting to present documents, web content, files, or other content on your device for collaborative viewing. Select a particular tab to share, a window, or the entire screen. Click Stop Sharing to end the screen share.


Share File - Display a file from your device in the meeting for participants to view and leverage real time annotation capabilities. This ensures precise and collaborative document markups during the meetings. After the meeting, the host can save the file with all annotations, preserving these interactions for future reference. These files can be shared in workspaces and downloaded onto your device, if enabled.

Select a file from your desktop, from a workspace, the content library, or share a whiteboard. 


Chat - Interact with meeting participants using the chat feature. Share messages, links, or other important information without interrupting the ongoing discussion. Click the Chat button in the meeting tool bar to open or minimize the chat. 


Participants - View a list of meeting participants and identify the host, presenter, and those who have joined or declined the meeting invite. The host can click on participant names to make them a presenter or re-assign hosting capabilities. 


Start Record - The host can initiate a recording of the meeting to save it for future reference. Recordings are accessible from the portal calendar and can be viewed by invitees, including those who didn’t attend. They are also downloadable and shareable across workspaces.


Start Video - All attendees can turn video on or off during the meeting. Click Start Video to turn on your video. Select the arrow icon next to the Start Video button to customize your video experience with virtual backgrounds. Upload your own image or choose a provided image for the virtual background. Additionally, select your camera and manage additional video options, such as ‘Mirror My Video’.


Audio Options - When entering the meeting, ensure audio participation by clicking Join with Computer Audio or Join Audio via Telephone. You will also see an option to automatically join computer audio in future meetings by clicking the checkbox. 

Once in the meeting, you can leave and rejoin the audio by clicking Join Audio. You can also mute and unmute your audio. 

To access more audio configurations, click the audio tab. Here, you can select your speaker and microphone, test them, and access advanced settings - such as high-fidelity music mode, echo cancellation, stereo audio, and noise suppression. 

To mute all participants, click Participants and then select Mute All in the participants pop up.


Meeting Details - Click the ‘i’ icon to access essential meeting details, such as the meeting topic, host’s name, meeting ID, and a shareable meeting link.