Zapier Integrations Overview

Connect Moxo with your other processes and automate your workflows using Moxo on Zapier.

Zapier connects two or more apps to automate repetitive workflows to connect between thousands of applications. Zaps consist of a trigger & actions. A trigger is an event in an application that starts a Zap. Actions are events that complete the Zap. 

For example, you can set up a Zap to automatically kick off a Moxo Onboarding Flow when a deal moves to “Closed” in your CRM.

Common Zapier integrations with Moxo include:

  • Automatically creating workspaces based on a trigger in a CRM
  • Updating a CRM with flow status updates from Moxo
  • Sending Moxo form responses to a spreadsheet
  • Sending files collected on Moxo to another file repository
  • Automatically scheduling a Moxo meeting