File Options

There are a variety of features available to enhance the management, review, and collaboration on documents shared within workspaces. This article outlines the available file options that help facilitate an efficient and collaborative discussions on documents. 


Annotate - Use the Annotate feature to foster a collaborative and dynamic document review process, allowing users to communicate visually and efficiently. Whether it's drawing attention to crucial details, providing clarifications through text, or calling attention to specific sections with structuring shapes, the annotate feature ensures a versatile and user-friendly approach to document annotation and collaboration. 


Start Recording - Use this feature to communicate dynamic points on your documents, seamlessly recording audio and video explanations. This feature empowers you to narrate, explain, or provide additional context while actively using various annotation tools.


File Info - The File Info section provides detailed information about the document, including:

  • Who uploaded the file
  • The type of file
  • Creation details of the file


Download - The 'Download' option grants you the capability to download the file, facilitating the transfer of the document to your local device for offline access or external use.


Copy To… - This allows you to copy the file over to another workspace in your portal.


Move To… - This enables you to seamlessly relocate a file to another folder within the same workspace. This feature streamlines organization and ensures efficient file management by facilitating easy transitions between folders within your workspace.


Rename - This option enables you to modify the name of the file, providing flexibility in managing and organizing your documents.


Delete - This gives you the option to delete the file. Files shared in the workspace can be deleted within 30 mins of being uploaded. This default time frame can be adjusted to align with your specific preferences and requirements, offering flexibility in file deletion settings.


Spot Comment - Spot comments enable users to provide feedback on specific sections of a document or file with precision and ease.


How to Add a Spot Comment

To add a spot comment:

  1. Open a file in a workspace.
  2. Click on any point within the file. A text box will then appear.

  3. Add your comment, and click Send.

  4. Your spot comment has been added!

Spot comments can be identified by a numbered circle. The numbers will correspond with the order the spot comments were made.


Reply to a Spot Comment

To reply to a specific spot comment:

  1. Click on the numbered icon to view the spot comment.
  2. Send replies on the specific comment.


Edit a Spot Comment

To edit the content of a spot comment:

  1. Click on the spot comment that you would like to edit.
  2. Click on the ‘edit’ icon to the right of the comment.

  3. Edit the comment as needed, and click Save.


Reposition a Spot Comment

To reposition a spot comment:

  1. Put your cursor on the spot comment you want to reposition.
  2. Hold the cursor to drag the spot comment.
  3. Reposition the spot comment to the intended place.


Delete a Spot Comment

To delete a spot comment:

  1. Click on the spot comment you would like to edit.
  2. Click on the ‘Delete’ icon to the right of the comment.

  3. Select Delete in the pop up box.