Overview of Templates

Flow Workspace Templates make it easy to manage multi-step repeatable processes with customers, vendors, and partners. Create a template to set up a workflow that can easily be reused whenever you need it.

Flow Workspace Templates can be accessed through the Library in the top navigation bar. Once inside the Library, click Flow Workspace under the Templates section. Here you can create and store your own workflow templates. 

Additionally, you can access the Template Gallery from the Flow Workspace Templates library, where you will find a wide range of pre-built template workflows across industries and departments, ready for you to use or customize. 


How to Create a Template

Create a template from the Flow Workspace Templates page by clicking Library in the top navigation bar. 

When creating a Flow Workspace Template, you will define your workflow and the roles involved in your workflow. 

  • Drag and drop actions to create a workflow.
  • Add user roles to your workflow and assign specific actions to different roles. Your Workflow Roles represent the people who will need to take action in the workflow. 

How to Use a Template

Use a template by hovering over a template and clicking Use from the Flow Workspace Templates page. You can also use a template when creating a new workspace from +New in the top navigation bar. 

Using a template will create a workspace from the existing template. 

To use a template, you will assign users to the template roles and have the option to edit any details that need to be customized for that individual workspace.