Non-Sequential Steps in a Sequential Flow

Some processes require steps to be completed in a specific order, while other steps can occur at any time. With the Non-Sequential option, you can make specific steps in a flow workspace non-sequential while the rest of the flow takes place in sequential order. 


Setting Up Non-sequential Flow Steps

When creating or editing actions in a sequential flow, follow these steps to utilize the Non-Sequential steps feature:

  1. While in the action creation or editing phase, locate the Additional Options section.
  2. Look for the toggle specifically labeled Skip Sequential Order.
  3. Activate this toggle by setting it to 'On'. This indicates that the selected action can be completed in parallel with the previous action in the flow, even when the overall flow is set to sequential order.

  4. The step you 'Skip Sequential Order' in will become simultaneously available to complete when the previous action gets kicked off. 


Implications of Using Non-Sequential Mode

Enabling the 'Skip Sequential Order' option for specific steps in your flow has several implications:

  • The steps marked as 'Non-Sequential' will proceed simultaneously with the preceding steps, allowing for parallel execution. The assignee of the action will be notified. 
  • This feature provides flexibility within a sequential flow, allowing for certain actions in the flow to be completed independently, and accommodating scenarios like collection of different types of documents using multiple File Requests or any such steps where parallel processing is beneficial.
  • This proves valuable in scenarios where specific actions can proceed independently, optimizing workflow efficiency. Users enjoy a smoother experience, particularly when handling tasks that can run concurrently without impacting the overall sequence.