Using a Template

Use a template to create a workspace from that template.

To use a template, you will assign users to the template roles and have the option to edit any details that need to be customized for that individual workspace. 

How to Use a Template

There are two ways to use a workspace template. 

From the +New button: 

  1. Click +New on the right side of the top navigation bar.

  2. Click New Workspace from the dropdown menu.

  1. You will see a list of your templates. Hover over the workspace template that you would like to use. 


  1. Click Use to create a workspace from that template. 

From the My Templates page: 

  1. Go to the “My Templates” page by clicking Templates on the top navigation bar.

  1. Hover over the workspace template that you would like to use, and click Use.

Steps to Use a Template

After you click Use on a template, you will go through three steps to launch a workspace:

  1. Setting Assignees
  2. Customizing the Flow (optional)
  3. Reviewing & Modifying the Workspace details (optional) 

Set Assignees

The first step in using your template is assigning user roles. Enter the name, email, or phone number for the users you want to assign to each role.

If the users you would like to add already exist inside of your Moxo portal, their name will be shown in the suggestion box and you can select their name. 


If no matches are found, you will have the option to invite a new client or invite a new internal user.


If you’d like to add or change the user roles, you will need to edit your workspace template before using it. 

Customize Flow

Once you’ve assigned emails to your user roles, click Next to move to the ‘Customize Flow’ step. 

Here you will see the flow builder and can customize the template for the specific workspace you are about to create if required. You can optionally add, remove, or change the actions in the flow prior to using it. 

Review & Create

Once you’ve completed any customizations in your flow, click Next to move onto the final step: Review & Create.
On this page you can preview the workspace you are about to create on both Desktop and Mobile. 

You have the option to edit or change the workspace title, workspace description, workspace icon image, and cover image. 

Once you’ve completed this step, click Start to start a new workspace using this template.