Invite Users to a Workspace

Any internal user that is a member of a workspace can invite other members to that workspace with the following steps:

  1. Click Invite.
  2. Select Invite Clients or Invite Internal User depending on the type of user you are inviting.  
  3. Enter the email addresses of the users you are looking to invite . Users will receive an email invitation to join the workspace.

    Invite Clients or Invite Internal User using email.png

Alternatively, you can also invite users using the shareable workspace link to send them a unique workspace invitation URL. 


You can also invite users to a workspace by assigning them to an existing role. 

To invite users to existing roles in non-templated workspaces:

  1. Click on the User Role icons on the top right of the Flow section. 
  2. Click on the Invite button for each role.
  3. Add an email or phone number of the user you would like to assign to each role.
  4. Next, click Invite New Client or Invite New Internal User to complete assigning each role and it's associated actions. 


For more details see Invite New Clients and Invite New Internal Users.

Existing users that have been invited to a workspace will automatically see the new workspace appear in their timeline, in addition to receiving an email notification. 

Only admin users are able to invite new internal users, but any internal user can invite new clients. Internal users without admin permissions can only add other internal users that are already in the platform.