Flow Workspaces

Flow workspaces are used to driving a process to close, with efficiency, automation, and collaboration in-context. At the heart of every flow workspace is the Flow. Flow uses semi-automation to guide participants through a process, with clear visibility in each step of the process. 


The Flow Section

The Flow section contains a series of actions that are configured to take place sequentially or in any order depending on your process. 

Here are some best practices to make the most out of the Flow section:

  • Add actions in the flow to collect documents, complete tasks, gather signatures and much more. 
  • Group actions into key milestones in your flow and track completion of stages. 
  • Set up automations to automatically trigger other activity when actions in your flow are completed.

To add actions to the Flow section:

  1. Click the '...' ellipses icon.
  2. Next, select + Add New Action.
  3. Select the action you would like to add and select a position for that action in the flow. 

Users will be notified (via email or app) when it is their turn to act in the flow. 

See Overview of Actions to learn more. 

To build a template to use in the Flow section:

  1. Click Templates in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click + New Templates to build a workspace template and use the drag & drop flow builder. 

See Create a Template to learn more. 


Additional Components in a Flow Workspace 

In addition to the Flow section, each Flow workspace has a number of other components built to support streamlining a process. Components include:

  • Files - A repository for all shared documents within the workspace.

  • Chat - An interactional panel to interact in the workflow. Send messages and collaborate on shared documents or content.

  • Meetings - Start ad-hoc audio and video meetings or schedule meetings inside a workspace.

  • Settings - Options to view and manage workspace members (e.g. renaming, deleting, , add actions, save the workspace as a template, set up automations, and manage workspace settings

  • Cover Image and Workspace Icon - Customize the workspace cover image and icon by uploading images or logos.



Learn More

Learn more about how to build a template and the different types of actions