Additional Flow Workspace Options

In addition to the Settings and Members sections, internal users can also utilize three additional options in a flow workspace:

  • Save as a Template
  • Automations
  • Add New Actions

To access these options, click the '...' ellipses icon. 


Save As Template

Have a workspace that you repeat or that is similar to another process you may run? Turn it into a reusable template to streamline future processes. 

To save your current workspace as a template in your Flow Templates Library:

  1. Click on Save as Template.
  2. Enter a template name and template description for your template, configure access, and give names for the roles of users involved in this process.

  3. Click Next on the top right corner. This will take you to the Flow builder page. 
  4. Make any other required changes to the template. Then click Create Template on the top right corner to save.



Set up Automations within the workflow to enhance efficiency and automate repetitive tasks in third-party platforms, or within your Moxo portal. 

To set up automations: 

  1. Click on the '...' ellipses icon, to the right of your Flow Workspace name. 
  2. Select Automations.

  3. Click on + Add Automations.

  4. Select the action in the flow that will trigger the automation, upon completion of the action.

  5. Next, choose from various automation options available, third-party or within Moxo automations, that suit your business process. 
  6. Then click Add Automation.



+ Add New Action

You can add new Actions to a live Flow workspace. Keep track of any changes or updates required in each step as the process takes place. 

To add a new action to a Flow workspace: 

  1. Click on the '...' ellipses icon to the right of the Flow workspace title. 
  2. Select +Add New Action.
  3. Select the action to be added from the options available.

  4. Locate where you need to add the action in the process, then click +Add Here accordingly.

  5. Enter the new action details, then click Add.