Shareable Workspace Link

Every workspace comes with a unique shareable workspace link that can be used as a way to invite other users into the workspace.  

Sharing the Workspace Link

To use the workspace link:

  1. Click Invite
  2. Find the ‘Workspace Link’ section at the bottom of the invitation box.
  3. Click Copy Link to copy the workspace link URL.
  4. Share the link with users that you would like to invite to the workspace. You can share the link however you prefer - for example, via email or text message. 

Joining Using the Workspace Link

A user that receives the workspace link can request to join the workspace, if the workspace link permissions allow them to (see the Workspace Link Permissions section below). 

If the workspace link permissions allow anyone with the link to view and request to join, a new user that opens the workspace link can:

  1. See a preview of a workspace with a Request to Join button in the top bar.

  2. Click Request to Join and enter their email address.
  3. Enter a verification code to successfully verify their email address and send a request to join the workspace. The user will not be added to the workspace until approved by an internal user that is a member of the workspace.

Approving Requests to Join

Internal users that are members of the workspace will see that there is a pending invitation request to approve. 


To approve or decline the request:

  1. Click Invite
  2. Click Approve to add the user to the workspace or Decline to reject the request to join.

Once you approve a user’s request to join, they will receive an email notification letting them know they have been added to the workspace. 

Workspace Link Permissions

You have the option to set permissions on the workspace link to restrict who can access the workspace. 

To set the workspace link permissions:

  1. Click Invite
  2. Find the ‘Workspace Link’ section at the bottom of the invitation box.
  3. Click the ‘dropdown arrow’ next to the default permission setting.
  4. Choose Members only or Anyone with the link.
    • If you select Members only, uninvited users that click the workspace link will not see any information, and will not be able to request to join the workspace. Only users that have been explicitly invited into the workspace have access. 
    • If you select Anyone with the link, any user that has access to the workspace link can view and request to join the workspace. 

Only the workspace owner can update the workspace link permissions.