File Request

File Requests are a powerful action in Moxo designed to streamline and improve the efficiency of your document collection processes. Instead of requesting multiple documents separately, you can collect them all at once, reducing the chances of missing any important files.

For instance, effortlessly gather various proof of identification documents and statements from a client during a loan application process. Similarly, seamlessly collect architectural plans and inspiration photos for a design project, or compile case files from a client as part of a legal process.

Create a File Request

Users can add File Request actions directly into a Workspace or use an action template from the Content Library.

To add a new File Request in a workspace:

  1. Click the ‘+’ in the Flow section of the workspace. If you do not see the menu of icons, scroll down till the bottom of your Flow actions. 
  2. Click on File Request from the pop up box.
  3. Determine where you would like to add the new File Request, then click +Add here accordingly.
  4. Select New File Request. 
    • You can also select an existing template action here instead, then click Continue.

  5.  Enter the Title of the File Request. A title is required.
  6. Add optional details to the File Request for clarity, including a Description of the files you need in this File Request and a Due Date. 
    • Users will be able to upload multiple files to File Request.
  7. With Additional Options, you can set the toggle to ‘On’ to require the File Reviewer to review the files after the Assignee has submitted the files.

    • When toggled ‘On’, the File Reviewer will mark the File Request complete when requirements are met. The File Reviewer has the ability to reopen the File request and ask the Uploader to submit new files, if necessary.

  8. Assign an Uploader to complete this File Request.
    • If you do not choose an Uploader the system will automatically assign the task to you for completion.
  9. Additionally, assign a File Reviewer if Additional Options is toggled ‘On’. The Uploader will be the Assignee request to upload files, while the File Reviewer will be the user reviewing the files uploaded. The File Reviewer can be an Internal user or Client. 
    • If you do not choose a File Reviewer, the system will automatically assign the task to you for completion.
    • Files upload to Moxo MUST be less than 500MB for a single file, multiple files uploaded into a file request may have a total size over 500MB, but a single file may not be over that limit

  10. Click Add to finalize creating the new File Request. This new action will now appear in the Flow section of the workspace.  


When users want to add a new File Request to a workspace without any existing actions, they can click File Request under the list of available action types in the Flow section, as shown below.

Assignee Experience

When a user is assigned a File Request, they will find it in the Flow section of the workspace. Additionally, users will receive notifications whenever an action is assigned to them, and these notifications will appear in the interaction panel.

To complete the File Request: 

  1. Click Review in the File Request and view the details.
  2. Type messages in the bottom bar to ask any questions or comment on the File Request.
  3. Click Upload Files.

  1. Drag and drop files from your computer or click Browse Files. If you select Browse Files, you can upload a file directly from your desktop, from the Content Library, or from a Workspace.
  2. Next, click Submit.

If no File Reviewer was required, then the File Request will be marked as completed once the files are uploaded. However if the File Reviewer was assigned, they will get a notification to act once the Uploader has uploaded files.

To review the File Request:

  1. Click on Review in the File Request and view the details.
  2. Review Submitted Files by clicking on the files under this section.
  3. Click Confirm if all files have been reviewed and approved. 

  1. Otherwise, select Reopen if the Uploader is required to upload new files. The File Reviewer can also comment on what is required in the bottom bar.

Skipping File Requests

Some File Requests may be skipped, depending on how the Workspace was created.  If the File Request is part of a larger flow the user may skip the file request step if there are no files to be submitted. 

If available to skip a file request:

  1. Click on the File Request.
  2. Click the ellipses '...' icon to the right of Upload Files.
  3. Click Skip.

If a File Request is added ad-hoc to a blank Workspace, the File Request will not be able to be skipped.

Managing File Requests

In any workspace, Internal Users have the ability to add, edit, or delete actions in the Flow. 

To delete a File Request from the Flow: 

  1. Simply click on the File Request you are trying to delete in the Flow.
  2. Then click the ellipses ‘...’ icon. Here you will see options to Edit or Delete the action.

Additionally, workspace owners also have a special ability to save any action as a template in the actions template section of the Content Library.