Time Booking

Create a time booking action for someone to book an available time slot on your calendar for a virtual meeting. Time Booking enables others to book a virtual meeting with you or multiple participants based on mutual calendar availability. Set up your time booking availability from your profile page, and optionally connect to your Google or Outlook calendars to keep your availability up to date.

Create Time Booking Action

Users can create a new Time Booking action in a workspace or use an action template from the Content Library.

If you have not already done so, set up your time booking availability from your profile page, prior to creating a time booking action. 

To add a new Time Booking action in a workspace:

  1. Click the ‘+’ icon in the Flow section of the workspace. If you do not not see the menu of icons, scroll down to the bottom of your Flow actions. 
  2. Select Time Booking from the pop up box. 
  3. Determine where you would like to add the new Time Booking action, then click +Add here accordingly. 
  4. Click New Time Booking.
    • You can also select an existing action template here instead, then click Continue.


  1. Enter the following required fields:
    • Title - Title of the meeting
    • Assignee - The user who chooses the meeting time
    • Meeting Duration - Length of the meeting
    • Participants - The system will find and only show common available time slots across all other meeting participants to the assignee.
    • Scheduling Window - The maximum number of days in the future that a meeting can be booked
  2. Optionally, click Advanced Meeting Settings to set up advanced meeting controls for the meeting that will get scheduled from this action.

  1. Click Add to finalize creating the new Time Booking action. This new action will now appear in the Flow section of the workspace.

When users want to add a new Time Booking action to a workspace without any existing actions, they can click More under the list of available action types in the Flow section, and click Time Booking


Assignee Experience

When a user is assigned a Time Booking action, they will find it in the Flow section of the workspace. Additionally, users will receive notifications whenever an action is assigned to them, and these notifications will appear in the interaction panel as well.

To complete the Time Booking action:

  1. Click on the Time Booking, and view the details.
  2. Select a date & time for the meeting. Available time slots shown are the common available times across the other participants’ calendars. 
  3. Click Confirm.

Managing Time Bookings

After a Time Booking action has been created, only the creator of the Time Booking action (meeting host) can edit the action details. 

To edit or delete a Time Booking action: 

  1. Simply click on the Time Booking action you are trying to modify in the Flow section. 
  2. Click the ellipses ‘...’ icon. 
  3. Here you will see options to Edit or Delete the action.

Additionally, workspace owners also have an additional ability to save any action as a template in the Actions Content Library.