In Moxo, Approvals are a powerful action for seeking consent in various processes. Whether it's for a document or specific information, you can effortlessly obtain someone's approval using the Approvals action. 

Utilize Approvals for a wide range of scenarios, including approving project proposals, accepting adjustments made in response to feedback, or approving order requests. This versatile action streamlines the approval process and ensures efficient decision-making.

Create an Approval

Users can add Approval actions directly into a Workspace or use an action template from the Content Library.

To add a new Approval in a workspace:

  1. Click the ‘+’ in the Flow section of the workspace. If you do not see the menu of icons, scroll down till the bottom of your Flow actions. 
  2. Click on Approval from the pop up box.

  3. Determine where you would like to add the new Approval, then click +Add here accordingly.
  4. Select New Approval.
    • You can select an existing template action here instead, then click Continue.
  5. Enter the Title of the Approval. A title is required.
  6. Add optional details to the Approval for clarity, including a Description of the Approval, an Attachment of any relevant file, and a Due Date. You can:
    • Attach a File from your computer
    • Attach a File from the Content Library
    • Attach File from a workspace
    • Attach a Weblink to send the user to a platform outside of Moxo to continue the task
  7. Assign user(s) to complete this Approval. 
    • Only users within the workspace may be assigned to the Approval.
    • Toggle Sequential Order,  if users must approve in a specific order.
      • Sequential order will start with the first user assigned and trigger each assignee in order.
      • Disabling the Sequential Order option will result in the Approval being sent simultaneously to all assignees, allowing them each to approve it at any time.
    • When there are multiple assignees, choose from the following options to determine how the Approval should be completed:
      • One Assignee: Selecting this option means the Approval will be completed when any assignee marks the action as complete. 
      • Majority of Assignees: Selecting this option means the Approval will be completed when over 50% of assignees mark the action as complete.
      • All Assignees: Selecting this option means the Approval will only be completed when all assignees mark the action as complete. 

If you do not choose an Assignee, the system will automatically assign the task to you for completion.

  1. Click Add to finalize creating the new Approval. This new action will now appear in the Flow section of the workspace.

When users want to add a new Approval to a workspace without any existing actions, they can click Approval under the list of available action types in the Flow section.

Assignee Experience

When a user is assigned an Approval, they will find it in the Flow section of the workspace. Additionally, users will receive notifications whenever an action is assigned to them, and these notifications will appear in the interaction panel.

To complete the Approval: 

  1. Click on the Approval and view the details.
  2. Type messages in the bottom bar to ask any questions or comment on the Approval.
  3. Click Approve to complete. 

Managing Approvals

In any workspace, Internal Users have the ability to add, edit, or delete actions in the Flow. 

To delete an Approval from the Flow: 

  1. Simply click on the Approval you are trying to delete in the Flow.
  2. Then click the ellipses ‘...’ icon. Here you will see options to Edit or Delete the action.

Additionally, workspace owners also have the ability to save any action as a template in the action templates section of the Content Library.