Use Form Data in an E-Sign Document

In Moxo, you can use form data from a Moxo form to populate fields in an E-Sign document. This functionality is available whenever a form action comes prior to an e-sign action in a sequential flow. You can use this feature in an existing workspace or when building a template

To use form data in an e-sign document:

  1. Inside of the flow section of a workspace, or in the flow section when building a template, add a new Form action.

    Use Flow & Actions in a Workspace.png


  1. Once the form action has been added, add a new E-Sign action. Make sure that the E-sign action is in a position that comes after the Form action.
    Use Form Data in an Esign 2.png
  2. Upload the document for signing and select the signers. 
  3. Click and drag the text field, date field, or check box fields into their respective positions inside of your document. Alternatively if it is a PDF document, use the auto-fill PDF feature to automatically detect the text fields and assign them to someone. 

    Use Form Data in an Esign 3.png

Autofill Form.png


  1. For any text fields that you drag into your document, you will see a ‘Properties’ section on the right side of your screen. Click Autofill to see a dropdown menu with options, including a Default Value or the ability to Add Autofill Data from your form.

Use Form Data in an Esign 4.png

  1. Once you’ve selected your autofill value, a small box with the title of the value will appear inside of the default value section of the text properties as shown below. 

Use Form Data in an Esign 5.png

  1. Repeat this process for every form field that you would like to be auto-filled on your PDF.
  2. Once you have completed this process, click Add Action to add this E-Sign action.

When uploading a document for signing, Moxo will automatically detect whether it is a PDF document with fillable fields. If it is a PDF with fillable text fields, a pop up will appear on your screen stating “This document contains fields. Would you like to automatically add and assign these fields to someone?”. You will be able to use Form data in the text fields.