Admin Access

Making an internal user an administrator, otherwise known as an admin, gives the user access to platform settings, user management, permissions, branding and further configurations via the admin portal.

Organizations generally enable multiple admins to distribute management. 


To enable admin access for any internal user:

  1. Click Admin in the top tool bar. 
  2. A new window will automatically open taking you into the Admin portal.

  3. Inside the Admin portal, click on the Internal Users tab in the left side menu.
  4. Click on the ellipsis ‘...’ icon to the right of the user whom you wish to set as admin.
  5. Click on Edit Profile from the drop down menu. A side panel will pop up on the right.

  6. Toggle the Administrator switch ‘On’ or ‘Off’ to grant or revoke administrator access for any internal user.

  7. Click on Save Changes.