Internal Teams

Admins can create Teams through the Admin portal, enabling the organization of internal members into specific groups, based on their departments and teams.


Each team consists of a manager and team members. Managers are able to see teammates activity, performance. 


To create a new Team:

  1. Click the Teams tab on the left side menu in the Admin portal. This will open the Teams page on the right.

  2. Inside, select New Team.
  3. Next, enter the Team Name and Description. Then click Next.
  4. Add one or multiple Managers and Teammates by entering each user's name, email, or phone number. To remove a user, click the 'Trash' icon to the right of the user's name.
  5. Then click Create to proceed. This new team will now appear in the Teams list.


To manage a Team:

  1. Inside the Teams page, click the '...' ellipses icon to the right of the Team you would like to manage. A drop down will appear.

  2. Click Edit Team Details to make changes to an existing team, such as the Team Name and Description. Then click Save Changes.
  3. Click Delete Team to delete an existing team. Type DELETE in the text box to proceed, then click Delete.