Chat Workspaces

While Flow workspaces are designed to streamline more structured processes, chat workspaces are designed for more unstructured collaboration.

There are two types of chat workspaces available in Moxo:

  • 1:1 Workspaces: These are workspaces between yourself and one other person. Other members cannot be invited to these workspaces, and can only be added as guests.
  • Group Workspaces: These are topic-based workspaces between yourself and multiple other participants.

The Chat Workspace has three main sections - the chat section, the documents section, and the actions section. These sections can be accessed via the chat icon, file icon, and check mark icon on the header bar of the chat workspace. 


Chat Section

When opening a chat workspace, you will immediately be taken to the chat section. This is where you interact in the workspace. In this section you will be able to send and receive messages, use Moxo’s business actions, and share files. 


Documents Section

The documents section is where all files that have been exchanged within the chat workspace are stored. Signature files, forwarded emails, and file request attachments are automatically organized into respective folders.


Actions Section 

The actions section is where you will find all open, pending, or completed actions that have been sent within the chat workspace. 

You have the ability to sort actions alphabetically, by due date or by creation date. 

You can filter actions based on the type of action, the creator of the action, or the assignee of the action.

Click any action to open a detailed screen where you can comment or complete the action if assigned to you.


Using the Chat Workspace 

Send a Message 

Write a message in the text entry box at the bottom of the chat workspace. To learn more see Chat Section.

Use Business Actions 

All actions that are available within Moxo’s workflows are also available to be used anytime inside Moxo chat workspaces. Click the + button to the left of the text field to view all available actions. 

Upload Files 

There are two ways to upload files to a Moxo workspace. 

Option 1: You can upload a file to a chat workspace by simply dragging a file from your desktop into the Moxo workspace. 

Option 2: Click the + button next to the text entry box and click File.

  • If you’d like to upload a file from your computer, dropbox, google drive, or box, click Upload New.
  • If you’d like to upload a file from the content library, click Content Library.

Individual Message Options 

There are a number of actions that you can take with individual messages. Hover over the message you’d like to take action with.You'll see a message bubble icon and a … icon on the left if you sent the message, or on the right if someone else sent it.

By clicking the icon, you will see options to: Copy To… - where you can copy the message to another workspace, Create To-Do, Create Approval, Create Acknowledgement, and Bookmark - where you can add a message to the bookmarks section of the workspace.  

Click the chat bubble icon to reply directly to that respective message in a threaded chain. 

Read Receipts

Read receipts are available for all messages, actions, and meetings sent in a chat workspace.

To view who has seen your message, click the two check marks on the bottom right of the message, or above an action. An overlay will pop out from the right side of the page with a list of all users in the chat workspace, categorized by who has read and not read you message. If everyone has read your message, the two checkmarks will appear blue. 


Click the video camera icon for two options: Meet Now and Schedule Meeting

By clicking Meet Now you will place a call to all of the participants in that workspace. 

By clicking Schedule Meeting you will have the option to schedule a meeting for a future time.


The bookmarks section is accessible via the bookmark icon. It lists all of the bookmarked messages from your chat workspace.  If you’d like to remove a bookmark, click the bookmark icon on the top right corner of the bookmarked message in the section. 


The members section can be accessed via the person icon. It lists all of the participants in the workspace. 

On group workspaces you can add additional members by click the + Invite Members button at the top of the page, or in 1:1 workspaces you can add a guest viewer by clicking the + Guest button. 

By clicking the three dots next to a user's name you have the option to remove them from the workspace, or re-assign their actions if they have any pending business actions. 

Workspace Settings 

The workspace settings section enables you to set various settings for a particular workspace. 

Chat workspaces come with an additional setting option called Duplicate Workspace. Duplicating a workspace will create a new workspace which contains all the same files in the file repository as the original workspace. No other information is duplicated.