Schedule a Flow Workspace

Scheduling a flow workspace in Moxo is a valuable feature that ensures your processes start at the right times.

Whether you are planning for an upcoming event, managing a recurring bookkeeping process, or simply organizing your workflows, scheduling a workspace helps streamline efforts and ensures processes are set in motion on time. This boosts productivity and organization by eliminating dead time wasted from manual initiation. 


Access Scheduling a Flow Workspace

There are three ways to schedule a workspace. 

To schedule a workspace from the Library in the top navigation bar:


  1. Navigate to the Library in the top navigation bar of your portal.

  2. Click Flow Workspace under the Templates tab, and your Flow Templates Library will open to the right.
  3. Hover over the template that you would like to use. Use will appear on the bottom of the flow template. 
  4. Hover over the 'Down Arrow' icon to the right side of Use. A dropdown will appear.

  5. Then click Schedule.


To schedule a workspace from inside a Flow Template preview page:

  1. Click on a Flow Template from the Library. This will open the preview page. 
  2. On the top right corner, navigate to Use.

  3. Click the 'Drop Down' arrow to the right of Use. Then click Schedule.


To schedule a workspace from the Calendar page:

  1. Click the 'Calendar' icon to the right of the top navigation bar. Alternatively, access the Calendar by clicking Manage in the top navigation bar, then selecting Calendar from the left side menu.

  2. Click on Schedule Workspace.

  3. From the list of Flow Templates shown, hover over the flow template you wish to schedule a workspace from. Then click Schedule.


Schedule a Workspace

After starting to schedule a workspace using one of the three methods above, you'll be taken to a page to enter details for when the workspace should be created.

  1. Set the date, time, and timezone for when you want the flow workspace to start. You can also choose to have the workspace repeatedly created at regular intervals.
  2. Click Next once you have completed filling out this information.
  3. Choose the assignees and any viewers you wish to add. You can choose assignees from your existing contacts, or you can invite a new client or invite a new internal user. When you have added your assignees, click Next.

  4. Review the steps in your workflow on this page. You will not be able to edit the workflow, change any step orders, or add automations. This must be done in the flow template builder.

  5. Click Next once you have reviewed the flow. 
  6. Next, add details like the Workspace Name, Description, Welcome Message, Cover image, and Icon image to customize the flow workspace to your process.  
  7. Once all details are finalized, click Start to schedule this flow for the set date and time.

Once you’ve scheduled your Flow workspace, you can view that workspace on your Calendar on the date and time that you’ve scheduled the workflow to be sent out.