Archiving Workspaces

Archive workspaces to maintain an organized Timeline, hiding workspaces that are no longer relevant or needed on a daily basis. This ensures that your Timeline remains uncluttered, focusing only on current and relevant processes. 

Additionally, archiving provides an efficient way to manage workspaces without deleting data that might be needed in the future. 


There are several ways to archive a workspace. 


Set Up Automatic Archiving

When using a Template to kick off a new Flow workspace, enter the number of days of inactivity after which the workspace should be archived.



Manual Archiving for All Members

To manually archive a workspace for all members:

  1. Click on the '...' ellipsis icon to the right of the Flow workspace name. 
  2. Select Settings or click on the 'Settings' icon for a 1:1 or group workspace. 
  3. Locate Archive Workspace and click it to archive the workspace. 
  4. In the pop-up, select if you want to Archive the workspace for yourself or Archive the workspace for all members
  5. Then click Archive.

Note: This will add a notification to the Notification Center for all other internal users who are members of that workspace, informing them the workspace has been archived. 


Manually Archive after a Flow is Completed

  1. Once a flow is completed in a Flow workspace, you will notice a pop-up asking if you wish to archive the workspace.

  2. Click on Archive.
  3. In the pop-up, select if you wish to archive the workspace for yourself or all members. 
  4. Then click Archive.


Accessing Archived Workspaces

To view Archived workspaces:

  1. Click on your Profile, located in the top right corner.

  2. Then click Archived Workspaces in the drop down menu. 
  3. Select Archived Workspaces to view a list of all workspaces you have archived.

  4. To bulk archive workspaces, click on the '...' ellipses icon, and select Bulk Archive.

Note: You can unarchive a workspace by clicking on Unarchive if it needs to be active again. 



Unarchive a Workspace

  1. Navigate to and click on Archived Workspaces under your Profile in the top right corner of your portal.

  2. Select the workspace you want to Unarchive
  3. Click on Unarchive to make the workspace active again.