Create a Template

Create easily reusable workspace templates for structured processes. Drag and drop actions to create a workflow, and set up workspace roles to assign actions to different users. 

Create a New Template 

To create a new template:

  1. Click on + New Template on the My Templates page. 
  2. Fill out the general information needed for your template, including:
    • A template name, icon, and description
    • Access permissions on who can use this template
      • You can choose to make the template private (visible only to yourself) or shared (visible to all internal users)
    • Template roles
      • These roles should ​​represent the people who will need to take action in this flow. You can add as many roles as required for your process. In order to add another role, click + Add Role
  1. Click Continue to start building the workflow, or Flow, for your template.
  2. Once you are done building your template, using the steps below, click Create Template in the top right corner. Your template will now appear in your My Templates page. 


Build your Workflow

Once you’ve filled out your basic template information, you will be taken to the workflow builder. 

This is where you can build and configure your workflow, starting with dragging & dropping business actions

Drag and Drop Actions

Create your workflow by dragging & dropping actions from the left toolbar into the flow section in the middle of the page. You can reorder actions by dragging and dropping them into the correct positions.  

Hover over an action to edit, duplicate, or delete that action.


Define the Action Order 

On the top right corner, you’ll find a toggle button for Sequential Order. By selecting this option, the participants of the flow will need to complete the flow steps in the order that you place them. If you do not select this option, participants will be able to complete steps in any order, or simultaneously. 

You can change the order of the flow by dragging and dropping steps in the order that you would like them.

Even if Sequential Order is toggled 'On', you have the option to make specific actions in your flow non-sequential.

While creating or editing actions, you’ll find a toggle button under
Additional Options to Skip Sequential Order. Toggling this ‘On’ will enable users to complete this specific action in parallel with the previous action in the flow, in a sequential flow.

Skip Sequential Order-1.png
Skip Sequential Order-2.png



You also have the option to add milestones to your workflow template. Milestones enable you to group actions into key stages inside of your flow and track completion of critical stages in your client projects. 

To add a milestone:

  1. Click the '+' icon above the action that you would like to include inside of that milestone. 
  2. Edit and finalize all milestones added to your flow before proceeding, ensuring the correct actions are grouped under the correct milestones.

Please note, once you add a milestone to one step, all subsequent steps will be added to that specific milestone. Any preceding steps will be adding to another milestone. 

By hovering over a milestone you will have the option to edit, duplicate, or delete that milestone. 


You can add automations by clicking Automations in the top left of the flow builder. 

Automations can be used to automatically trigger other activity (either in Moxo or external applications) when a flow action is completed in Moxo. 

Examples include sending files from a file request to cloud file repositories, sending an email when a task is completed, kicking off another workspace once one is complete, or automatically scheduling a meeting. 

Add or Edit Roles

You can add or edit roles from the workflow builder by clicking Roles in the left sidebar. You can delete roles by clicking ‘X’ next to a role that you’ve already created. 

Edit Template Information

You can edit your template details by clicking Details in the left sidebar. In addition to the template name, description, permissions, and icon, you can also add a cover image that will be applied to all workspaces created from this template.