Flow Performance Reports

Moxo’s flow performance reports help you gain valuable business insights into how processes are running, to measure efficiency and identify bottlenecks. With Flow Performance Reports, users are now able to see the total number of Flow Workspaces created vs. completed, the total average duration to complete flows, and all other correlated data for each specific flow template. Flow Performance Reports provide a Quarterly view as well as a Monthly view for each report.

With flow performance reports, managers and admin can get insights into flow completion rates based on the flow template utilized. 

Furthermore, administrator users will be able to view the total number of template workspaces completed by each owner within their org. 


Accessing Flow Performance Reports

1. In order to access Flow Performance reports, click Manage in the top bar.


2. Then click Flow Performance on the left side menu. This will take you inside the Flow Performance reports page. 


3. Switch between the respective reports section by clicking on Template Workspaces, Duration, or By Owner on the top right of the Flow Performance section. By Owner will only be seen by managers of an internal team or admin users.



5. Adjust the time period for each report between monthly and quarterly by clicking Monthly or Quarterly on the top left of the Flow Performance section.



Template Workspaces Section

The 'Total number of workspaces created versus completed' chart shows the total number of template-based workspaces that you have created, compared to the number of template based workspaces that you have completed.



Each flow template-specific chart displays the total number of workspaces created compared to the number completed, for that respective flow template.



By hovering over individual bars within any graph you will be able to see the exact number of workspaces you both have created and completed.  



Duration Section

The ’Total Average Duration to Complete Workspaces’ chart displays the total average duration it took to complete all template based workflows that you have created. The duration is measured in days. 



The individual reports for each flow template can display either the average duration for the entire workflow or the duration for each respective step within the workflow.

By default, the reports will display the average duration for each step within the workflow.


If you’d like to view the duration of a specific step, hover over the step you’d like to view directly in the chart, or in the horizontal list of steps above the chart. This will isolate the specific step in the chart. 



If you’d like to view a list breakdown of all the steps within the flow template, hover over the top point of any of the flow steps on the chart. 



In order to view the average duration of the entire workflow, hover over the specific workflow you’d like to view. Click the ellipsis ‘...’ icon in the top right corner.



Switch the ‘Break down by step’ toggle to ‘Off’. 



You will then be able to view the average duration for the entire workflow.



By Owner Section 

*Note: Please note that only admin users can access this section. 


The ‘Top 10 - Template Workspaces Completed by Owner’ chart displays the number of template workspaces completed by each owner relative to the total number of template workspaces completed. This chart only displays the reports for the top 10 users who have completed the most workspaces within your org. 



Within this section, the individual reports for each flow template display the total number of flows completed within your org. 



Hover over each line in the graph to view the number of flows completed by each flow owner for that respective time period. 


Downloading Reports

Reports can be downloaded for every chart available within the Flow Performance reports section. 


In order to download a report:

  1. Hover over the report you would like to download. A download icon will appear in the top right corner of the report.
  2. Click the ‘Download’ icon to download the respective report as a CSV.