The Broadcast feature provides a powerful tool for mass communication, enabling you to send messages or files to multiple recipients. This is especially valuable for sharing information on a new promotion or product, seasonal greetings, updating clients on policy changes, and or sharing other important announcement relevant to multiple accounts. 


The Broadcast feature is only available in the Portal Package, or if you have purchased chat workspaces as an add-on. 


You can access Broadcast from the Manage tab in the top toolbar. 

Using Broadcast

To use the Broadcast feature, start by creating a Broadcast list.

  1. To create a Broadcast list, click + Create List on the top right corner. 
  2. Enter a List Name for the Broadcast list. 
  3. Search for and click on users you want to add to this broadcast list by entering their names, emails, or phone numbers. 
  4. Click Create to save the list.


You have now successfully created your first Broadcast list.

To send a broadcast:


  1. Click Send Broadcast on the top right of the Broadcast page.

  2. Enter your message in the 'Compose your message' field.
  3. Optionally, drag and drop files or browse to attach files. 
  4. Select Recipients for this broadcast message by choosing the broadcast list you created in the Send to... dropdown message. 
  5. Click Send to distribute your message to all members of the selected broadcast list. 


Broadcast messages are sent to 1:1 workspaces with the recipients, so you need to have 1:1 workspaces included in your package to use this feature.